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The BordererS new double album Tales of Love & Loss and Rise Up is now available for purchase.

Rise Up is a celebratory disk that features the band in all their full blown energy whilst Tales of love and loss is a more sedate disk and features ballads and reflective lyrics.
The new CD is dedicated to our son Rowan who took his own life in Jan 2010.

Inspiration behind the albums


1) SOBER ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - It took 4 years to finish the lyrics and at one stage was called That's what I love about Australia' until Colin Hay said he found that title a bit naff & cheesy. Recorded live by Brenton Smith at the ?Star of the West? Hotel, Port Fairy, Vic in March 2011.

2) TELL ME MA / AFRICA ( Traditional ) - We recorded the whole song as we normally do it live, then decided to let Ziggy have a go at it without letting him hear the original melody. He came up with his fantastic Africa part so we decided to combine them both and make it a world music track.

3) ST. ANTONIN ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - Alex & I were inspired to write this song after visiting this 11th century village in the South of France a few years in a row. We just love this whole region in Europe and want to live there for 3 months every year, if we can.

4) GIMME THAT RHYTHM ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - This song was recorded in 2006 and was meant to go on the "A Time For Change" album but it didn?t quite fit. We were attempting to create a modern Rockabilly sound ( a bit like Imelda May ) and Stuart Day?s guitar solo really helped establish that mood.

5) FINDING YOUR OWN WAY ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - This song had a whole other set of lyrics but they weren?t quite right, so we decided to ditch them and start afresh. These lyrics were completed in 1 car journey from Adelaide to Melbourne

6) TEMPTATION ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - You may have heard a previous version on the "Grace" CD. This song goes down so well at concerts that we decided to include a live version from the Woodford Festival recorded on the 30th Dec 2009. We hope you enjoy the energy and rawness.

7) I?M A WORK IN PROGRESS ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander / Pete Michell ) - We got inspired when watching an Adelaide band called ?Cow? the lead singer said: ?The next song we?re about to play isn?t quite finished and still a work in progress?. We thought that this was a perfect analogy for life. Phillip Day, a great advocate for Truth is also mentioned in it. Check out his website www.credence.org

8) RISE UP! ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - As a single voice we don?t seem to have much power, but united we can all make a change. We encourage you to join www.getup.com.au plus www.avaaz.com as these organizations are making a big difference in the world and holding governments to their word.

9) OI, OI, OI. WE?RE GOING DOWN THE PUB ( Milton Stewart / J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - This is a very catchy song that we used to hear a band called ?Whiplash? sing. Alex & I wrote new verses and it?s about Jim reminiscing about his time living in London in the 80?s and the great times you have when anyything is possible. You may be skint, but you?re having such a laugh and high on life.

10) YE CANNY SHOVE YER GRANNY AFF THE BUS ( Traditional ) - We performed this song as a bit of a joke at a gig but the audience seemed to love it ( old & young alike ) We?re just not sure how you all seem to know the lyrics to this old Scottish song. Jon Hunt?s clarinet & sax playing just rounded it off and gave it a really uplifting Dixieland feel.


1) YOU?RE MY WORLD (Umberto Bindi / Gino Paoli ) - I think we first performed this at a wedding and it got an amazing reaction! We hope you like this performance as all the vocals were recorded in one take. Thank you Gabi for providing the 3rd harmony and support to Alex in the studio.

2) LOVE THEM WHILE YOU CAN ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - You just never know when you?ll last see your nearest and dearest. Let them know that you love them as often as you can.

3) LIGHT ON A HILL ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - The actual song title came from a quote by a famous Australian politician, but Alex loved the imagery and it helped her convey her feelings about Rowan.

4) JESUS BY MY SIDE ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - The beat of the song was inspired after we performed a medley of Peter, Paul & Mary songs at the Illawarra folk festival. We realized that our audiences loved this sort of laid back swing feel first heard on ?Down by the Riverside? and ?Michael rowed the boat ashore?. We tried to emulate those songs.

5) CHANGING FORTUNES ( Glyn Lehmann ) - You may have heard this song before on the BordererS ?Woman? CD, but we hope you enjoy this remixed version. We loved the lyrics and chord changes that the writer Glyn Lehmann used.

6) ROWAN?S THEME ( J. Paterson ) - We recorded this instrumental with Martin Kubitski at ?5AD? studios in 1994 or 1995. It?s never seen the light of day until now. Alex & I discovered it on an old DAT tape and loved the melancholy feel of it. Paul White then added some extra string arrangements.

7) ONE IN A MILLION ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - This version of the song was recorded in 1997 or ?98 by Tony Nesci but never made it onto a CD. We decided to add some extra bass and drums and update it as the lyrics certainly say it all.

8) MY FATHER?S LOVE ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - We were inspired to write this when Alex?s father ( Trevor ) turned 70, but we?ve found that fathers around the world also seem to resonate with the lyrics. Louise Morrisey from Ireland has also released a version of this song on her latest CD.

9) THE MEANING OF LIFE ( J. Paterson / D. Alexander ) - This version was recorded in 2006 for ?A Time For Change? but wasn?t considered suitable for that album. The lyrics now seem to have much more meaning. ?Food, Shelter, Love & Family? What else do we need?

10) DANNY BOY ( Traditional ) - We recorded this live in the living room for ?A Time For Change? CD, but again it didn?t fit on that record. It?s such a moving song that we had to include it here.